Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cowboy Boots

On the Eighth Day of Christmas I bring to you 89 small cowboy boots.
I collect them too. Not so much as I used to though.
Katie brought these to me this afternoon. Bless her heart. No reason, just because.
Have you ever made something that you have made a bunch of times and have it turn out awful. I made a stew today. It smelled good but tasted just icky - I mean really bad. I don't know what I did or didn't do but its awful. Bob couldn't even be nice and eat it anyway. He said it is the worst thing I have ever made. Wish I knew what was wrong but its awful, I mean really awful
Other than that, life was good today, a little rain, a little sunshine and a good time with Sage.


  1. Yes, Lea. I have had that happen..wonder if the meat was bad? If you didn't do anything different in how you make it, then test it on the dog...LOL That's a sure fire thing; I did that on a moose roast once and the dog wanted to bury it, after HIS first whiff..LOL

  2. Sorry about your stew! I've had that happen before too.

    So sweet of Katie to bring you such beautiful roses!

  3. Like Cindy above, I'm wondering about the meat.

    Love seeing your little cowboy boots and those rose are beautiful!