Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diamonds in the Snow

No pictures - I just can't get pictures off the card. Katie I need you. It was so beautiful today. However, it was not warm, cold in fact. A 5:10 it is 15. I made we want to get outside and I did.

I spent a couple of half hours working with Sage and the plastic bag. The first time was not as fruitful although I thought it would be. Finally though I could rub from neck to hip with her just standing. THEN, I went the second time and it was better just her back. I could go clear up behind her ears and over the hips to her hock. I tried under her belly and that created her levitating. Will have to keep working on that. The thing that really sent my heart a flutter was I was rubbing her chest. I went a little too far and she saw it with her other eye and she erupted toward me. She reared up and swung at me. The thought that went through my head was I don't have my cell phone and I am going to get hurt. She was right in front of me. Like her head was taller than me and her chest was where I could have spit on it. She realized where I was and sat back and whirled and did not touch me. My heart was beating out of my chest I thought. I took a deep breath and then I went back and rubbed her chest again being mindful of not going so far toward the other side. She let me and then I left her there. I rubbed her neck and hugged her but was still shaky so she got the rest of the afternoon off. That is the first time she has really scared me like that.

We were going to drive Rosie with the sleigh today but did not get there. Bob wants to put winter shoes on her in the AM.

Last Sunday our pastor told us about a web site that will have you reading through the bible in a year and picking a verse and how it applies. It is call I like journaling my devotional time and I am going to use this site this year.

Tomorrow and then New Years Day. Hope you have a great day, weekend and year. Blessings


  1. there is another great sight to read thru the bible entirely for the year that I'd like to do. I've done it twice but not sitting at the computer. will wait till I get home though, not a fan of laptops.

  2. i will try to be out on sunday after work around 2:30, unless the weather gets really bad, to help!