Monday, December 27, 2010


Here is 3/4 of our family. Nikki and her family were not here.Front row is Sheya sitting on Nikki. Seth and Ryan, next row Debbie in the tie dye, Jadeyn me, Bob Christy and Tom, Chrissy is peeking through as is Wendy and Skye, Steve is in the very back.
Bob and I. We have celebrated 53 Christmases together.

Steve our oldest son and Debbie.

Tom, our youngest son and his family. Christy, Sheya, Ryan and Seth

Seth the basketball player.

Ryan the drummer.

Beautiful Jadeyn. She is 13

Nikki or Pickle as her mother calls her. She will be 17 on Thursday.

Chrissy and her brood.

Lovely Chrissy who can put earrings in her hair and pin stuff on her and look beautiful. I would look stupid.

And Skylor. He is 14. He would rather not have his picture taken.
I took some others of kids but they weren't so good so just posted these. Hope you can get them Joy. I remember you saying you cut and pasted pictures of family. We had such a good day.
I wrote my letter to the editor this afternoon. My temper had cooled some and I tried really hard to be polite. It was hard to get it in 200 words.
Tried to work with Sage this afternoon but she was really naughty. She would not stay out of my space nor go where I wanted to lead her. I was here alone so hopefully the weather isn't so nasty I can't get in some times tomorrow. There is so much ice I was afraid of falling.
Andrea, I think tomorrow is your MRI. I am praying the lump is nothing.
Blessings to you all.


  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Lea. I think it will be nothing. Hope so anyway. I'll know in a couple days. I'm kind of hoping the radiologist will take a peek while I'm there but I don't think he will.

    Lovely family photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures Lea! blessings, marlene