Monday, December 6, 2010

Six Mustangs

On the Sixth Day of Christmas I bring you six Mustangs eating.
From the left - Amelia-the sorrel with a blaze, Wrangler the buckskin and is about a whole hand taller than the rest, Abby who is Katie's, Raven that is a real sweetheart, Liberty who wants a forever person of her own, and the bottom picture is Pepper that is the love of all of us.
I fed the kitties and Red the hen came to eat with them. She won't stay in the chicken pen. She hides out in the barn.
Bob left to go deliver the meat to western Washington this morning. It is all safely with the people who ordered it. The road was bare and dry all the way even over the pass. He will go down to see his brother for a little while in the morning and then come home. I pray the weather will hold. By evening we are supposed to get freezing rain. Hate that stuff. Later this week and next week it is going to warm up and they predict rain. On top of 24 inches of snow will be a big awful mess.
I took Sage for a little walk around this morning and she did just fine. She did not understand why she didn't just go to her daytime pen but came with me. Her black parts are shiny black now. Even the woolly hair. Rosie lays down and rolls as soon as you put her out but I have never seen Sage roll. I picked Emma's rope up and she will lead and follow but heaven forbid that you should walk towards her. I hate to send her home because he said he would just put her down if we couldn't get her good and gentle. Cash went to his new home yesterday afternoon. He is a real sweetie and I expect that Byran will be riding home soon.
The chores in the morning will be more challenging. I will have to carry hot water to the chickens and the goat. Oh well. I CAN do it.


  1. Lea I can't even imagine that much snow and cold - it looks so beautiful in pictures but it has to be brutal. I love the picture of the chick with the cats...cute! blessings, marlene

  2. I think that is sad; what if sweet and gentle just is not in her makeup? Surely someone out there wants a mare with a wee bit of attitude? I deal with a mare like that every day--tho she likes being fussed with also. She is the one that throws her head around, literally jumps up and down with temper, just like a three-year-old child wanting her own way. But, she is the one that loves the little ones petting on her, wants to "help" when we try to repair the fence--again-that she tore up!

  3. Love the animal pictures, Lea! Those Mustangs are just beautiful and I'm always a sucker for kitties and chickens. Stay warm!!!