Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am ready to leave first thing in the morning for Nikki's. She has surgery on Friday and I need to be there for both of us.

I have kind of packed willy nilly. Hope I haven't forgotten anything vital. Have my makeup and hair stuff and pj's. Everything else I don't know, just jeans and T shirts. I usually make lists and check things off diligently. I am big on lists. I do have lists for going to Tennessee in 2 weeks. I don't want to check a bag so am packing carefully.

I have my rental car. OH BOY - can I keep it huh? Please. I like nice cars, I really really like nice cars. I settled for our little Kia that got hit but for the interim I have a 2008, bright red Toyota Camry with all the bells and whistles. Everyone should have a bright red car once in their life. When Sharon and I were in Key West last year and we rented a car to drive up towards Miami I wanted a red convertible. No such, got a blue Kia. Oh well it was fun anyway.

I gave a riding lesson to a four year old today. Rosie does babysit beginners. McKenzie had never been on a horse before. She did marvelous. Four year olds don't have a terrible long attention span but she did better than I thought. She did so well and when she got off she hugged Rosies neck and kissed her. It was so sweet. She is with her grandma this week. She told me she was a cowgirl now.

The horses are loving being out in the pasture. We put them out in the morning for 3 hours and then in the evening for about the same. I have to carry a lunge whip when I go to put them in or they just run in circles around the pasture. Bob got the battery in the four wheeler so I can use that when they go out to the back pasture. They are so funny.

Bob bought a bull today to put out with our cows for 2/3 months. His name is Billy. And he bought a young cow due to calf in about a month. I named her Posey. We will need to watch her pretty closely when she gets closer. She is awfully small. She is about the size of Molly and Polly. They will get put with the bull next week too. I am sure she is about the same age as the twins. That is awful young to have a baby. I may be surprised but don't think so.

Katie came and worked with Abby today. She had to be at a senior function at her school at five so she did not stay too long. She turned 18 yesterday. I asked her today if she felt any different but she said no.

I have been searching thru photo albums with a gazillion pictures for pictures of Patty for the memorial service on the 30th. Clyde asked us to do that. She was in our wedding so have those pictures and quite a group when we were silly freshman at WSU only it was WSC then. We used to sneak out a window at night or sneak in after we missed the curfew, we smuggled in beer, we did just about anything that broke the rules. Much more strict then than now.

If you get Western Horsemen Magazine go to the Letters to the Editor or it is called Letters from Riders. A letter by Vern Fuller made me so mad. The entire letter was about the issue of Horse Slaughter. And whether you agree, or disagree that is OK. Its America and we can have opinions, however, I take great issue of his closing couple of sentences. "There is no such thing as an "American Mustang". These are feral scrubs, dinks that nobody wants." That opinion really made me see red. I sent off a letter to the editor myself - Arlington National Cemetary used them in their funeral processions. Watched them the last time we were there. It is really an awesome thing to watch. And, the US Border Patrol uses them to protect our borders on Mustangs. Not feral scrubs nobody wants. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Besides those two places there are thousands of people who have adopted and love their mustangs. Even when you have more than you need.

I will have access to a computer so will try to write while I am gone to Marysville. Have a wonderful Wednesday.