Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mosquito bites and sunburn -

Rusty's forlock is so thick and pretty. She did not much like having the camera that close to her nose. Yesterday I did braid it and tuck it under her halter. She did not like that either.
This is what a saddle did. This was about after half an hour. Bob put a lead rope on her finally and she settled down. She did wear the saddle all day though and then was a spooky looky this evening when he took it off. Bob will have to do it again tomorrow and every day. That girl can buck.

Bob on Pepper bumping her around. She finally did get leading down better. Bob just dallyed the rope around the horn, Pepper put his shoulders into it and she lead like it or not. Maybe she will work better with me now.

The unhappy horse. She lost that round and was disgusted. She did let me walk up to her though and take her picture and she ate a treat out of my hand. That was the first time she has accepted one.
It was a long day, mostly spent tag teaming Rusty until we got to this point. I put a saddle on her first after working her like I have been. If I could have been quicker and got another inch on the cinch she would not have been able to dump it but I didn't and she did. So, we could let her get away with that so the war was on. Consequently I got sunburned where my tank top wasn't. Not bad, just a little itchy. It isn't enough to peel thank goodness. I do get pretty brown. I forgot sunscreen though today so am not surprised.
This evening we took our recycle stuff to Medical Lake and went thru the hospital grounds to look at the deer. Some of them look like you could walk up to them. Some really heavy does that look like they will have their babies pretty soon. While at the recycle place the mosquitos were in swarms and I got ate alive. They affect me like bee stings on most people. I need to take some benedryl or I won't sleep much.
My suitcase is packed. It is raining there. I really wanted to swim in her pool but who knows. We aren't planning any big adventures. Just want to sit and hold her hand and talk to her. Tomorrow we will go to church and then take flowers to the cemetary to our childrens graves. They are very close together. I thought about Scott today. Remembering his big smile. Later in the day we will go to Toms for our grandson Seth's birthday party. His birthday was Wednesday but we will have a family celebration tomorrow.
May your Sunday be full of blessings.


  1. I'm very envious of Rusty's mane and forelock! It's so thick and lovely. My Boy's is just a fuzzball! Glad she got the saddle on and some ponying/leading. Enjoy your trip, be safe, have fun in the sun! But no more burns, wear sunscreen! :)

  2. Do you wrap your stirrups in something soft? It looks like you did from the picture. I think she did pretty good for her first time packing. My filly, Cia, did better on a lead with a saddle as well--otherwise, she could have bucked all day.

  3. Lea,
    Remember even if it is raining at Sharon's it will probably be in the 80s so you can swim in the rain :)

  4. Linda, the stirrups have tapaderos on them. Bob rides in them.

    Joy, I intend to

    Pony Girl, I usually am faithful about sunscreen but just forgot.