Thursday, May 7, 2009


A short post and a long day. Tried really hard to get some things accomplished today. I still am working on the frying pan trying to get the melted plastic out of it. Don't think its working though. It is a cast iron frypan that is older than me and I hate it that I may have ruined it.

Looked at the Internet Adoption again today to see how it is going. I thought I will pick 5 that are my favorites. You will have to go to that site to look which ones they are. I ended up with 6 however. The lst. on is at Ridgecrest which is in California. #1950. The ones in Burns, Oregon ar #'s 8844, 8861, 8928 and Rock Springs, Wyoming #'s 2871 and 3600. Some of them have bidders and some don't. Of course I did not count the two yearling Burro's at Ridgecrest. One's color is called pink. Now he does not look pink to me, nor have I ever seen a pink burro. It struck me kind of funny. Yuma would curl up in a corner and pout if anyone called him pink.

I went to a Northeast Zone meeting this evening. It was kind of short but some things accomplished. It is our last meeting until September. I would not have gone had I not had to report on the WSH meeting in April. That is my job. I could just as easily gone to bed but thank goodness it was not really dark when I came home.

Have a Friday worth remembering.


  1. Lea,
    If the cast iron frying pan is a total loss as it sounds like it is, next time you have a bon fire, turn it upside down over the coals and burn out the plastic. Of course, you will have to reseason the pan but if it is an heirloom, it is worth a try.
    Don't know for sure if that will work but it is just one idea.

  2. A good idea Joy. I will do that. It was mothers and maybe Grandmas. I have used it all the time. All these years so whatever I can try is worth it. Thank you.

  3. Yes, I was just going to suggest the same thing. Stick the pan in some hot campfire coals for a while and that should clean it up. :-)