Friday, May 8, 2009

Fantastic Friday

I think I have four different colors of thes pretty little flowers. I don't know really what their proper name is but the come up in the lawn every spring. I love them. My one and only daffodil does not appear to have any blooms on it so this is what I have for the moment. I know this is supposed to be a horse blog but when you are banished from the horses for a while......well you get the picture. I love my little flowers.Today it was warm and sunny and I planted a nastursium bed with 3 different kinds and colors. I can't wait for them to grow now. I planted poppy seeds in another and sweet peas behind chives in another. I need another bag of potting soil before I can finish the others. I want to get things like this done before I go to Tennessee on the 25th. because when I get back I thing we have a Quarter Horse mare coming in for training and I want to have time to put into her and our own horses. I have got to get Bob motivated to get the arena worked up good. We have different ideas of how it should be done, just like we have different ideas how to bed a stall. Deep is good. Not to him.

I started cleaning the deck. It has accumulated alot of stuff over the winter. I want to get my little fountain cleaned out and hooked up too. That is my goal over the weekend plus giving a couple of riding lessons. I can do that from the ground. And it does not mean I have to life anything heavy.

Still some headache, I think the insurance company thinks I am faking it but I AM NOT. I found a lump on my head this afternoon but don't remember hitting anything. Maybe I did. It is sore so don't know where or when it got there. Maybe I just have a lumpy head.

Wishing you a sunny Saturday.


  1. Hi Lea ... I think those sweet little flowers are called Johnny Jump Ups, but I could be wrong on that. You take care of yourself and have your doc check out that lump on your head soon ... just to make sure it's nothing more then a lump! LOL HAPPY MOM'S DAY!!

  2. Lumps on heads are not good~

  3. I love those flowers in your picture. They're so vibrant. And anything that just pops up is like a gift.

    I want nasturtiums too. I love their funny leaves. Do you just plant from seed?

    I hate insurance companies. We were in a bad accident once, hit by a drunk driver and my sister has never been the same (she's lucky she survived). They made us go to a deposition with high priced lawyers and questioned US like we were criminals.

  4. Mom we call those Johnny jump ups. Not sure what the real name is.

  5. Thank you, I will call them Johnny Jump Ups considering that two of you told me the same thing. I just love them. The lump on my head is gone. Must have bumped something. Maybe that is why I don't remember what I did. LOL.
    Andrea, every day in the mail I get more papers from one or the other insurance companies and they always have attatched a page that says its against the law to lie. Duh. Maybe the just want me to settle and go away. Not happening.