Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday headaches

Nikki is doing well, she will be coming home tomorrow. Spent most of the day with her. We were walking the halls and she was doing well until someone in a room nearby died and we went to her room and pulled the curtain. That is too private a moment to share with people walking the halls.

Came home and Nikkis boys had brought a drum set over and the drums, guitars and a CD were more than I could stand. The house was shaking on its foundation. My head was pounding and I retired to my car to read. I feel bad but I could not take it. The boys seemed to understand, I just can not take that nolse in a confined area. Between that and lilacs my head is pounding and I think I might be whining.

Happy Sunday to all.


  1. I'm so glad Nikki is doing well. I remember walking the halls with my daughter after surgery too. That's sad about the person who died. That would upset me.

    I hope your head feels better soon! I don't do well with drums and loud music anymore either, unless it's a really good concert.

  2. If they understood, they could have taken them elsewhere. Enough already. I'm very glad Nikki is better.