Friday, May 22, 2009


An OK day. Had errands to run, go to the bank and get some money for my trip, ect, ect. ect. Came home, took a little nap and went out to tackle some time with Rusty. She actually let me come right up to her and attatch the rope. I don't know why she turned the corner and thinks I am at least tolerable but she seems to.

We just lunged a while changing directions and practicing whoa. Then I picked up the stick with the plastic bag attatched and we worked with that. After a little tantrum to start, it worked pretty well on her right side. Started out just tapping the ground with it beside her. THEN we went to the side that everything might eat her on and that took a while longer but finally she let me touch her body and neck with it and stood on a loose line. So then getting braver, I got the dreaded saddle pad and we waved it and rubbed her with it and flopped in on her back - OK on the right, took longer on the left but not near as bad as I thought. Then I started patting the pad and off and on and off and on on both sides. So we just left it on and we practiced leading. She really did not do bad at that. Back to the plastic bag and we got on both sides under her belly over her face down her legs ect. I was so proud of her. Will work her tomorrow again.

This evening we went to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant in Airway Heights. Very good food, just lots of it. I ate way way too much but it was really wonderful. After dinner we went and looked at a four year old mustang that we are going to take in for training in a week. He is beautiful. His name is, believe it or not, Coyote Ice Cream. I will call him Cody. His owner sent him to a trainer for 2 months for 800.00 a month and he bucked the guy off and he never got back on him. Same song another verse - hes just a mustang get rid of him. He is timid, about 14 hands. If any of you have seen pictures of Andi's Karma that she sold to Jill, he is that color. Very unusual. I will start on him when I get back from Tennessee. I will have pictures of him later when he gets here. It was too close to dark when we were there.

Am about packed to leave on Monday AM. Just a few this and thats to put in. I am just taking a carry on bag. Am very anxious to see my sister. Its been over a year.

Hope your Saturday is all you want it to be.

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