Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Wahooooooo Day

Bob told me to bring my camera and come with him. This sweet nest is about 6' off the ground next door. Mama Robin was not happy about the photo shoot so we left her to take care of her very pretty eggs. Notice the one egg is so much larger than the other. I will be watching it as close as I can.
My sweet little Isaac. After his big brothers quit jamming. He does pretty well considering he is four. All last week I went to sleep with him watching me with his big blue eyes. He asked, are we going to sleep now.

Five of Nikki's six boys. From l - r --Lane, Bryant,Tyler, Lane Dustin. The big boys cooked my birthday dinner. Dustin is the oldest. Joel, the only one absent lives in Spokane.

And, now for my Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo day. I was outside puttering and I thought enough, Rusty, I have never hurt you and this is silly. So, I got the 12 foot working rope, walaked out into the pasture and she ran up to "her" spot. I just walked up to her slowley , petted her neck, and snapped on the rope. She did not think she wanted to lead and that took some time, patience, and some more of both to get her to lead but finally she did come with me. I would not say she leads, but she followed me attatched to the rope. I took her thru her pen and on to the round pen. We worked at lunging both ways and on whoa. That was not extremely succesful but she was much better by the time we quit. I picked up one front foot and she let me hold it but the otherside was not so good.

She did pull back once and jerked me pretty good. I got her back under control and then Bob took over. My neck and shoulder can not take that just yet. He got both front feet and then he began with a saddle pad. One side was great but the other side was going to get ate. She finally accepted it. Then Bob led her back and we gave her a treat. So I was glad about my time with Miss Rusty.
Had a doctor appointment and he wrote me a prescription for some Physical Therapy for my neck and shoulder. I know this past week was stressful so maybe that is why my neck hurt today.
If anyone is interested, go read Tracey's blog - Mustang Diaries. She puts into words so much better than I why we are so passionate about our mustangs and why we work so hard as volunteers for the BLM. I could not put it any better.
I was watching Craig Cameron on RFD TV this afternoon and he all girls Extreme Cowboy Race. Wylene Wilson (I think thats her name) is riding her Makeover Horse that she did well on in a Make Over Challenge. His name is Filthy Rich. He gave mustangs a big plug.
Hope your Friday is grand.


  1. I think you mean Isaac instead of Lane on the picture of the fellas.

  2. I LOVE Rusty's HAIR!
    oh and remove that large egg! It's not a robin egg and it will hatch and her other babies will die.

  3. Anita - you caught me, of course its Isaac.

    Sharon - what is that egg if not a robin egg?

  4. Yeah what the heck is in the larger egg if it's not a robin's egg?

  5. It's probably a cow bird, or something like that. It will hatch about 3 to 5 days before the other's are ready and the mom will be busy feeding it and the other's will die in the egg. That's how those birds reproduce. They steal other nests but don't sit on the egg.