Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday May 29

I am home. My pictures are still on the camera so thats out of the question. I am very tired but itsa a good tired. Had a really wonderful visit with my sister. We had supper at Cracker Barrel on our way home after I arrived. Later I will tell you about the other things we did that day. All fun. I got to visit with a niece and nephew and their beautiful boys. It was a quick but fun visit with my sister.

Tomorrow is a day I am dreading. It is my friend Patty Mercers memorial service in Colfax. And the bad news I got in TN was that our pastors 17 year old son Tyler died. He had had 5 open heart surgeries previously but did not survive this one. Every day he lived was a miracle.

Blessings -


  1. Glad you are home safe! Glad you had a good visit!!

  2. Call me when you can down. Weekends work best for us. Arlene.

  3. Lea- Glad you are home safely. Oh, I love Cracker Barrel!!!!!!!!!! Jim and I have to travel to Missoula to eat at one. I wish there was one in Post Falls or Spokane.

    So sorry to hear all the bad news.

  4. I LOVE Cracker Barrel. LOVE it. We never go thru Missoula that we don't stop.

  5. So sad about Tyler, isn't it?? And I'm sorry to read about your friend, too. I'm proud of you for getting up and speaking about her. So far, I've been unable to speak at funerals. Words just won't come. God bless you. Tammy