Saturday, May 2, 2009

Super Saturday

I hope you all don't get bored but today we went to our great grandaughters 2nd. birthday party. Her Nana - our daughter Nikki - could not come and she really wanted to so not only for my blogging friends but for Nikki too these pictures are here. The above picture is her birthday cake. One of her other great grandmas baked it. Below is Miss Lilianna herself with her daddy Joel.
She was being a typical 2 year old and decided she did not want her picture taken. I could not cokes a smile out of her for anything.

This is our other great grandaughters mother, Raselle. I thought Arawyn would be tired of us after last weekend but she ran to me and leapt into my arms. I needed that little hug today. I had to drive there and so I could not take any medication so a big hug from a little girl was wonderful. Her mother is a sweetheart too and tries hard.

Our younger daughter Christyn. I was so glad to see her. She and her family came out yesterday to check on me and to see if they needed me to do anything. I appreciated that although she didn't need to.

Lilianna's daddy Joel. He is a great young man who got himself into a real mess a few years ago and moved to Spokane and got himself clean and sober. He is so talented. He has his drums out here in a little shed. He comes and entertains us every weekend. Actually he can play any instrument that he want. He is left handed but taught himself to play a right handed guitar upside down. Plus horns and he plays the piano beautifull.

Our grandaughter Nikki. She obviously is named after her aunt. They (her aunt Nikki and Uncle Carmen) call her Pocahantas. She is 15.

Nikkis brother Skyelor. He would not smile for me. When he couldn't help but smile he turned his head. He wants you to think he is a thug. He is 13.

The birthday girl. It was supposed to be nice and warm but it wasn't.

Nikki and Skye's sister Jadeyn. The most girly girl of the family. She is 12. She talks so fast I have to ask her to slow down because I can not understand her.

Lili and her mother Heather. She was attatched to her today. Heather is such a little thing. I thought she was going to freeze to death. She did go get a jacket on.

Arawyn - our great grandaughter that we took to see ner Nana last weekend. She looks to much like her dad its funny
Thanks for looking at my family album. I am much better today. My biggest thing is the headache and my right hand. Again I did nothing outside. Miss my critters. It is raining here and we really needed it to make the pasture grow. It can do it all night and then be nice. Good idea don't you think.
Have my clothes laid out for church in the morning if I can get up and get moving OK. This morning was so much better that I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better yet.
Have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Sweet little things...Maybe she'l smile when she's 3 :) Good to see Chrissy and her kids, they look good. Two little girls for Nikki at last!!!

  2. Loved your pics and glad you are feeling better.

  3. Thanks Barbara, This was snot in my plans for the week.

    Sharon, Maybe when shes 5 she will smile at me. I was glad Chrissy and the kids were there too.