Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

This is Spring in my front yard. Love the dainty little blooms.

Today was truley one of THOSE days. One of those days when you wonder where you left your brain. I scrambled some eggs for lunch. Ate them in the living room while watching the noon news. Heard something outside so just set my plate on the table and went out the front door. When I came in I thought I needed a nap so I went and lay down and went right to sleep. Skeeter barking woke me up barking and the house was filled with a weird smelling smoke. I dashed for the kitchen and I had not gotten the stove turned all the way off and the pancake turner and the frying pan will never ever be the same. In fact the spatula melted. It was all ready to burst into flames. The house still reeks.

We did go out to eat with friends this evening so got out of here for a while. I have had the fan over the stove and in both bathrooms going since noon. Did not smell it so bad until we came back home. It is gross but we did have a good Mexican dinner. I really love Mexican food and I ate way too much but it was scrumtious.

A small correction on yesterdays blog. It is Spring Creek Basin Weblog. I think I called it Spring Creek Mustangs. Her pictures are wonderful.

All the animals here are just fine. I think they are all glad for shelter after the rain today. If we would get another nice day I would go on a grooming tangent. If I can't ride, I can brush.

Hoping your Thursday is hunky dory.


  1. OMG you've turned in to our MOTHER!!!!!

  2. Glad you caught the problem before you had a fire on your hands! Was Skeeter barking to warn you about the pan, or just barking? Smart puppy.

    I'm dying to do some horsey things too. I still have the headache so at least another week of no riding. If it were dry enough I'd be out finding some silly game to play with them.

  3. Pretty flowers! I'm so thankful that your puppy let you know before they caught on fire! My cat's name is Skeeter, we call her Skeet, I think it's a great name! :)

  4. Skeeter is a small poodle, and I call him Skeets some of the time. Thanks for the comment Rebekah.