Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fog and Sun

If you want to know how I feel about our weather, go read my friend Linda's blog - Beautiful Mustang. She doesn't live far from me and I don't want to whine any more here about the weather so go read hers. We both have the same opinion of this mud. Almost sucks your boots right off of your feet.

Despite the mud, I played with Sage for a bit with the plastic bag on the stick. She smelled it right off the bat and let me rub her face with it. Then I could rub it all over her back and side. The legs cause her to jump so we will work more with that. She loves apples. She even took a piece of apple from Katie. Then licked her hand to get all the juice.

I keep worrying about getting on for her first ride . She is so big and my legs are so short. It scares me to think about it and yet I want to be riding her. I may have to send her out for that. I don't know, I am several months behind my schedule (in my head) of where I wanted to be.

Some of you wonder how I read so many books in spurts. I have a book by my bed, by my chair, in my purse ect. Sometimes I finish one or two within a day or so but have been reading for a while. And when I have a night that I can't sleep which happens more often than I would want, I have been known to read a whole book.



  1. Funny--I'm more than happy to whine for you today. This mud really "sucks". And the cold is a wet/cold that just chills you.

    The first ride...I'm younger than you and I'm nervous about mine, too. I will probably have a posse of friends the day I get on--with 911 programmed into their phones and a first aid kit!

  2. (Friday)

    Lea? Where are you? I hope your stomach ache didn't turn into a bad flu or illness... You haven't posted.

    We are expecting rain on Sunday/Monday, too. We'll be in the mud business! Want to buy some mud? Ha ha! Buy one bucket of mud and you get 50 flies free. How's that for a promotion?