Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hard Day

On Sunday evening Bob began telling me his back and leg hurt. He got progressively worse until this morning he could not walk. I took him to his chiropractor who worked on his back but was told if his calf got worse to take him to the ER. So I am watching it. He borrowed a walker, that gave him more support walking than a cane or crutches. And then to top it off, we got 2/3 inches of fresh snow this evening. It was tough driving home from the Spokane Valley at peak rush hour time with snow falling like mad. People on the freeway just seem to drive the same speed no matter what.]

So that was my day. Darn. Just put Sage out and in and picked her and Amelia's stall. Other than feeding them that was my horse time today.



  1. Hope he gets better real quick, Lea!

  2. Lea,

    This is just horrible news, indeed. Poor Bob. Are you monitoring his blood pressure? Hopefully, he will take some pain medications.

    The calf pain is concerning me. It can be referred pain from the back, but can also mean something more. Did Bob injure himself while working? The roads seem so scary to drive on - hate to think you will have to venture out to the ER or another doctor's appointment in the snow...

    Please tell Bob don't "cowboy up" this one - he should probably see his doctor to make sure he doesn't have an injury.

    Sorry... Just call me, "Mother Farmer."


  3. Hope you're going to give us an update--can't stop thinking about you guys.