Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Day

A much better day. Bob's back is fine, his calf still hurts. I am wondering if wrapping it would help. Don't know. Anyway, a good day in this neighborhood.
My sweet Sage waiting for her apple. She is a little spoiled. That's OK.

The view from my front porch this evening.
Our Chickie's getting ready to go to bed. We must find a market for our eggs. We get about 15 a day.

What the footing looks like outside the barn. Not fun.

Cody. His mom hasn't been out for a while but she will be when the roads are OK.

Emma. Still a question about her.

Yesterday the ice on the front steps. We didn't use that door.

The sun shone today. What a relief.


  1. I'm really glad Bob is feeling better.

    Love the photos today! Cody sure is a neat color. I'm a little jealous of your eggs (but we could never eat that many either) because our three hens haven't laid an egg since September.

    Isn't the sun wonderful! It's amazing how sunshine can pick up a person's spirits.

  2. Yay! Glad for the good news and good day!