Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weather Forecast: Grey and Foggy

My oldest little boys in 1964, Easter. You can tell who had been eating chocolate. That would be Scott.
They had been fishing for the first time and caught those fish. I think they are 3 and 4 at that time.

October 12, 1957. A couple of kids who had no clue what was ahead.

Myers, Kentucky founded by my relatives. My maiden name is Myers. There is an old abandoned cemetery full of Myers headstones. I wanted to take one but it was too heavy for Sharon and I to get.

My Grandma, Myrtle Foreman, My mother Elsa Gjerness (she may have still been Myers then), Me and our firstborn Steven.

Bob and his Grandma Hannah Lea Williams. As some of you know, my dad and Bob's dad were long time friends. So, they knew Hannah. I am named after her.

One of my favorite pictures of Bob. It was taken on a camp out with the Back Country Horsemen by our friend Bernie Lionberger.

A horse drawn horse hearse that one of our neighbors had. I wanted to buy it but they wanted way way more than I could afford. They did sell it. I don't know why I wanted it but it intrigued me.

Bob bought these spurs when he was 12 at a feed store in Puyallup for $12.00. They have been appraised for over $300.00 a few years ago. Probably more now.
I feel better today but my stomach still hurts when I eat anything. Soup has all that entered my mouth today.
Hope your day tomorrow is wonderful. Blessings.


  1. Loved, loved, loved the pictures! My favorites are the wedding picture and the picture of Bob! Beautiful pictures!

    So sorry your not fully over the flu... Really sounds like you have a similar flu to what we just experienced - losts of tummy pain!

    Try to take things easy today. Take in plenty of fluids, okay?

    Thinking about you,


  2. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing them.
    Hope you'll be better soon.
    Ad (Holland)