Saturday, January 15, 2011

More looking back

Still no help with my picture issue so back to some old ones.
This is one of my favorite pictures at the corrals in Burns. It was several years ago but still love it.
My sister and I a few years ago in her front yard. It was a chilly and windy day.

Sharon and I on her front porch.

These are Wynona Judd's horses at the back of her property. There were more in another pasture too. I wonder what she does with the draft horses?

Sharon last summer when they were here.
I worked with Sage today. Could rub down her legs to her feet. She had not forgotten that. I worked with the plastic bag too. I just held it out to her at ground level and when she looked at it and lowered her head I took it away and then put it back. By the time I quit I was swishing it back and forth from behind me to her nose. She is taking treats from my hand. I know that's not a big thing to brag about but she would have nothing to do with them before. I was so proud of her.
Bob almost has another stall done in the barn. That will give us 4 12 x 12 stalls. We have 3 now. And then have one more to build. I am so happy they are getting done.
I don't know whether to put my sleigh away or not. I was having so much fun with it and then the rains came down. Now the snow is pretty much gone and the ice is too. Can work with Sage in the mud. Not on the ice so its a this or that kind of thing.
Bob and I are off to an Back Country Horsemen meeting tonight. Have a wonderful Sunday (go Seahawks)


  1. I just love looking at the old pictures - especially when you share memories with them. The horses are beautiful (as are you and your sister).

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. im sorry!! you need to call me and ask me to come out!! cam or i will be out this week to help you with it!