Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally Some Answers

Bob was slicing some turkey for sandwiches and he had an adoring audience. They wanted a piece.
Mt. Spokane through the windshield on our way to the doctor. It was so pretty sitting up there.

Bob had a good doctor appointment and we finally got some answers from the doctor. He had gone to the chiropractor that did help his back but not his leg. He went to the ER and they took an ultrasound of his leg checking for blood clots, no blood clot. The Xrayed to check for a broken bone, no broken bone and still pain that leveled him. Have never seen him in pain like this. It took our family doctor not long at all to find a tear in the muscle of his calf and when he stood up it would irritate the nerve and then it would feel like a white hot knife in his calf. It will take time, but he gave him some really powerful pain killers so maybe he can get some sleep. The he is to wrap it snugly whenever he is going to be on it. So we will try this.

Katie did chores for us this evening because we were not home yet. She was a little leery of Sage because she had never handled her. I got a text a while ago saying she was awesome. I knew it of course.

A long day, Blessings.


  1. So glad they figured out what was wrong. I hope the pain killers and wrapping help it. That sounds incredibly painful!

    How great that Sage was so good for Katie!

  2. well bob didnt tell me it was a tear.... go figure. and sage was awesome! i didnt even have to step in the pin to catch her! no running or anything!

  3. Good for Bob--nothing like a good night sleep and relief from pain!!

    Good job, Katie. Sounds like Sage was great, though.

  4. There's nothing that gives relief like a few answers. Here's hoping that the medication helps him until the leg begins to heal. blessings, marlene