Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday Bob and I put up a new pen for Sage. She seems to like it OK. Today I tied white plastic bags around (thank you Walmart, usually I recycle them) the pen. They did not seem to bother her too much. Although she had her ears perked up most of the day. She came right to me this evening. Bob was tarping some hay when I was putting her in and she stopped in her tracks and was watching. She thought that big blue thing was coming after her I guess although she did not try to run.

My tummy is OK. Unless I eat too much and then it hurts. It certainly is helping my portion control. Bob's calf is still almost unbearable pain most of the time. Sometimes he just forces himself like building the pen yesterday. But he has suffered for it today. Back to the doctor on Monday if it isn't much much better.

We moved Sage and Amelia into different stalls yesterday. Bob finished the 4th. one so Sage has a new room. I cleaned them both today. The other two got ahead of me so am glad there was a place to move them.

I will be sending an e mail to the Mustang Club this evening. We had a very good meeting yesterday evening. It was so good to see every one.

Take care my friends, I think winter is returning full blast. Oh well. Blessings.

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