Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thanks Cameron

Thanks loads Cameron for helping me today. I did not have any blogger pictures so I just scanned some older pictures. This is at a horse show in Pasco the first year Rosie competed. My position isn't so great but we were both learning.

This was a show in Walla Walla. She is such an awesome pony.
A few years ago we were up in the San Juan Islands. We certainly were excited about the show the Orca's put on for us. It was soooooo cool.

Our Lily and her first baby when the baby was only 1/2 hrs. old. She was a spitfire.

One of the funniest pictures I have of my sister. It was up on San Juan Island. We had climbed this little hill. I waited for her like a good sister.

Another show in Pasco. She loves to pull things.

Yet another horse show. It was out in the Valley Mission Arena. I had just won the Sr. Showmanship class.
I worked with Sage some today. The wind was really blowing hard though and horses think they are Pegasus when conditions are like that. She did pretty well. I used the white bag again just on the ground and letting her smell it and snort. She let me swing it back and forth on the ground. We left it at that because she was being good.
Bob and I got the stalls cleaned today and bedded. That is a hard job. But, it is done. Bob has just about finished the stall he has been working on. We wish we were rich so we could hire it done and then hire someone to clean the stalls for us.
Well, the Seahawks are done but they went much farther than ANY ONE thought they could. Now I have to figure out who to root for. Dustin will tell me (grandson).

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