Friday, January 21, 2011

A better day Maybe

What would I take pictures of today, it rained. Ugly rain and it froze the instant it hit the ground. That left us with ice covering everything. I went to get the paper across our road and thought, I should have ice skates. A solid glare of ice shone back at me. I inched my way over and back without falling - a miracle maybe. There were 45 accidents in a half mile or so on the freeway downtown. The police could hardly walk. They finally told everyone to get off the road and stay home. It was better this afternoon.

Bob's leg is still very painful but his back is better and he can walk gingerly. He is frustrated with his leg but the doctor told him it would just take a while to get it well. He is not known for his patience. I still am doing the chores night and morning with the neighbor taking care of the cows. I don't mind at all. Love my ponies. I did not put the two out today. I did not want them to walk on frozen icy mud.

Nothing much else around here. I tried a recipe I found in a Western Horsemen magazine. Potatoes, bacon, jalapenos and onions and 2 cans of lemon lime soda. Of course some spices. I liked it a lot, Bob not being crazy about potatoes wasn't so sold on it.

Have a good Saturday - Blessings.

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  1. I heard about all the accidents. It was bad out there.