Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No one here to watch me ride

The only picture I could not load yesterday. Lane, our grandson fishing at the end of the pond. It is full of catfish.

I was so disappointed today. I wanted to ride and I promised Bob I would not ride unless someone was here and no one was here. Katie had a job interview and Bob is still gone. So...who knows when and I am getting ready for the Mustang Club meeting here on Thursday. I went and got burgers to BBQ and buns today. They had jeans in my size half off today and I snagged a pair. Riders jeans are all that fit me well. Anyway, that was besides the groceries.

Maybe tomorrow I can snag someone to be here and get on my princess. Marilyn is going to give a demo on Thursday on the things she has used to help me get her going good.

Other than that I have done house stuff. I watered plants outside and got some of the yard organized for Thursday evening. Just normal stuff. I watched a couple of things on the news this evening that was of particular interest. I thought of my grandsons that are skate boarders and Ethan Hawke was in town at the skate park in Harmon Park. They would have loved to have watched him in person. And there was a piece about Dennis Weitman on channel 4 at 6:30. He drives a horse in shows and is paralyzed from his waist down. He fell through a roof 5 years ago. His wife designed a cart for him and he runs his wheel chair up a ramp in the back and they strap down the chair and away he goes. He helps harness his horse. He wins a lot. He also announces horse shows. Dennis is really an inspiration to lots of us. And I am blessed to know him and his wife Michelle.


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