Monday, July 30, 2012

The Trip I Picked Out Sage

These pictures were all taken the first trip Nikki and I took together to Burns to the "Colorfest" and I picked out Sage.

This mare was good to look at but her front legs were goofy and she was a little aggressive when people went around their pen. I wanted a mare but she wasn't it.
A pretty young guy.

Out in the South Steens. I think these were the first one Nikki had seen.

This pretty mare. Not taken with a long lens. We were that close.

And my Sage. She doesn't look so big there but she is.

Today I had a good ride on her in the arena. We are having a little problem with stopping. I have to pop her on the shoulder with the rein ends. She will turn left great but right - is tougher. The wind was blowing a little and I did not want to press my luck any more. I did get a good half an hour in though.

Poor Wrangler has hives. We put him in a stall so we could give him Benadryl and wash him down with vinegar to take away some of the itch. He was fine yesterday but when I went to get this about 4 he was covered with welts. His face all over his big buckskin body. I know he is miserable. I do wish I knew what he was allergic to.

My brother in law is barely hanging on today. I do wish there was something I could do but all I can do is pray. My sister in law - Bob's brother's wife is bad too. Bob talked to Lynn this afternoon. She is breathing on her own though so that is good. Lord be with them, and us.



  1. Poor wrangler! I wonder what he got into

  2. Lovely pictures, Lea. I will send prayers your way for your relatives. Hugs!

  3. Sage was a beauty even then! Will keep you and family in our prayers, so sorry. Just keep looking up in faith and all will be ok.

    Thanks for visiting, I love hearing from you! I've never measured Eagle, but I'd say he's around 15.2 and he's a definite heavy-weight. I do flex him, and I work my favorite 3-step exercise taught to me by Ray Hunt. That's my go-to for all horses no matter what. I start out on a long lead driving in a small circle, and when he's relaxed with head down moving well with forward momentum, I face his hindquarters and drive towards them until he steps over once or twice behind, then switch hands on my rope and drive towards his shoulder for a quick front-end step over and reverse. Pets and good boys all around, and begin in opposite direction. We've been working on a lot of different things, but this is where we always begin. He's gotten so good, he lets me know when I do it wrong now! :)