Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A day in the life of......................

I didn't work my lovely today. I did not feel so good this morning. The storm last night kept waking me up. It was pretty awful. I am glad I had the curtains closed so I did not have to see the lightening. I heard it crackling though. It hit a lot of places including a car driving down I90 on the man's way to work.

This was a yoga ball that I bought at a yard sale for Sage to work with. She bit it and this is what I have now.

Lane in his Great Grandpa's hat. He likes hats so Bob will give it to his mother to keep for him. He is afraid he would hurt it.

Sunset last night. We have some pretty ones out here on the plain.

Lane and Isaac being muscle men at the pool today. Funny boys.

I hope the weather calms down tonight, that was scary. And, I want to sleep. The boys slept through it. I was worried they would be afraid.


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