Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lots of kids

My cowgirl granddaughter Sheya. She had watched me work her and was petting Sage and loving on her when I was finished. Sage just loved it.

My BF Ditto

Sheya loving on Ditto in the lane.

And she rode Pepper. We need to let her stirrups down. She had not ridden since last winter and she grew. It was too hot for her to ride too much though for both of them and me watching. But she got about 20 minutes and the sweat was running down her face so we called it a day. If it had not been so hot I would have ridden Raven and we would have gone across the road but just too hot,

Sage did well today. I was again very proud of her.

Have an extra two grandsons and a granddaughter here today. Plus the two that have been here. Tomorrow we go to Marysville and return them to their parents. How quiet the house will be. We will be back Sunday.


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