Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer is Returning

This last weekend we took out grandsons home and attended pig roast at Bob's cousin Tim and Theresa's place in Arlington. There were about 200 people there. The pig was roasted over an open pit and was it yummy. I ate too much of everything and I know most people did too. Tim is the one whose back is to the picture. He is a big fellow.
Our Nikki and Theresa, Tim's wife. We had such a good time.

Our nephew of sorts (his mother is really our niece)Donovan and his partner Cindy. A sweet couple with sweet kiddo's.

Sister in law Jackie. She had a stroke a few years ago. She gets around pretty good in her wheel chair.

Donovan and Cindy's baby Landon. He is such a doll baby. He just turned 2.

We had a good trip over except we went through the heart of an awful storm. The hail was bad and we thought we might have a cracked windshield but we got through it. Scared all of us though. The lightening was flashing all around us. The boys and I especially did not like that part of it at all.

I had more pictures - maybe they will get posted tomorrow.


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