Friday, July 27, 2012

Do I Need A Babysitter?

My pretty Mama. I don't know where or when this was taken but I imagine she was having fun at the water.
Mama with my two babies. It was when Tom was born in Phoenix. Chrissy was 9 months old. They were both adopted, its a long somewhat funny story how we got them both in 6 weeks time. This picture was taken about 40 years ago. They still are my babies though.

I am disgusted. I didn't get to ride today because there was so one around to baby sit me. Bob nor Marilyn want me to ride when I am here alone. I don't mind except days like this. Grrrr. I wanted to ride so bad. Bob is helping Bob Gish hay and Katie and Cameron went camping. So I just had a long conversation with Sage and worked her briefly in the round pen. Dang it all anyway.

My sister in law Jackie is very ill. When it rains it pours I guess. Have not heard how Brownie is today. I am glad I believe in the power of prayer or I might go batty.


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  1. Aw Lea, I know you hate the 'babysitter' idea when you miss an opportunity to ride Sage. But I know you also know, that its because they love you and worry that the moment you ride alone...well, SOMETHING will happen and there you lie, all alone, for who knows how long, til they get to 'saving' you...