Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100 Today,

Our Tinkerbell who came to play on the farm in a tutu. She is our Great Grand Daughter. We don't get to see her near often enough.
She is a real ham bone. She really likes her picture taken and will pose how ever you want her to. I took some more pictures today and she just posed all over the place.

Two grandsons and Tinkerbell

Lane in the tree.

Isaac getting ready to climb too.

I did not ride today because my princess pea horse didn't like the way her headstall was on her and she did a little buck around. I promised I would not ride her unless she was calm and that was not the case today. I fixed her bridle and that was better but not completely over it and it was just too hot by the time I got that far. We were both sweating

When I took Arawyn home this afternoon it was 100 on the north side of Spokane. Mercy me. I am glad I have an AC in my car and in my house. The boys played in the pool most of the day. I had to fish her out to take her home.


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