Monday, June 4, 2012

It Really Was A Moose

Katie and I were on our way home from town after a fun day and these day were along side the road just outside a lot of houses but still inside the city limits. I have never seen one since we have lived out here. Only in Glacier Park. I was excited. I was glad Katie was driving.
Katie took me to lunch at the Davenport Hotel for my birthday. It is so beautiful. Loved it. We walked around and looked at things. Such a lovely place. Other than the ornery kids and griper mom who complained about ever thing at the next table it was grand.

This morning my friend Tracey from Bellingham came by on her way home from delivering a horse over here. She ended up buying Rocky from me (cute little pinto gelding). I was thrilled and hope she is too. He really has a lot of potential.

So that was the gist of our day. Good time spent with a sweet girl. We ended the afternoon with a big ice cream cone. A perfect end.



  1. In Vermont there are two quite common signs: one for 'falling rocks' and the other 'moose'. Not sure which is more lethal. Never saw anything of either. Disappointing. I have yet to see a real live moose on the hoof. Lucky you!

  2. I got to see a moose and her baby in Colorado last year - how fun to see them so close to you. blessings, marlene

  3. You also saw a mom and baby 2 summers ago when we were in montanta remember? We were high up on that trail and they were down below getting water This was just your first time seeing one here.

  4. Yes, Katie I had forgotten about that one