Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Rainy Blustery Day

What does one do on a day that is rainy, windy and cold? I picked up the house, swept the floors and waited for my friend Andrea to come. She came and we had a nice visit. She brought me a halter she made for Sage with lots of knots to put pressure in the right places.

Then we went out in the drizzle to catch Sage and try the halter on her. She decided not to be caught. Really that was the first time that has happened. I got really upset with her. At one point she took a pop at me with both hind feet. I threw the halter and lead rope at her. Finally I caught her and the halter fit her fine. I took her over and put her in the round pen. Tonight I put her in a stall. I need to figure out what I will do with her because I do not want a repeat of catching her. She has regressed and I don't understand it. She would not lead by the back of the barn until Andrea walked behind her. I had a little trouble getting her into the barn because there are things parked there. Like she had never seen the tractor before. Very frustrating let me say.

Bob worked today doing a drain field for a guy and he will be milking for Shannon for a few days. Some extra money will be nice.

Stella is lonely all by herself in her pen but is getting to like us better. That is a good thing. She is finally getting all her winter hair gone and she is a pretty seal brown. Bob has been working with her a little.



  1. Understand I do not have horses so I don't know a thing. Do you think a wild animal could be freaking her out at night? Or, maybe something in her foot or on her body irritating her. This probably sounds just like I don't know because I don't. Check her ears and mouth. What bugs me is that you are so very good with her and regressing isn't right so what is it?

  2. I am puzzled for sure. I have checked her over but you don't know. Have her in a stall right now. Very frustrating.

  3. two steps back. Dunno what to tell you other than just keep going and work her through it. Could be coming in heat? Send the rain our way, please...we are at least six inches down. Corn and beans drying up. Mowed the grass three times since March...last time just to eliminate the weeds!!!!