Friday, June 1, 2012

A Nice Day

I had one more picture to load but Blogger won't let me. Guess its not too big a deal. However it makes me mad to decided for me.

This is my sister Sharon and her youngest grandson Liam. He just cracks me up.

Liam too this picture of Sharon and I just before we took Liam home and the four of us went to dinner.

Penny, their beloved old Lab. She is the sweetest old dog.

My squirrel. Loved them.

Isn't he funny.

Sharon, Brownie and their oldest daughter Suzanne. Suzy was our taxi to and from the airport.

I did work Sage today and she was really quite good. Remembered most things we had worked on. Her new halter makes her take notice though when I am leading her. She has become quite headstrong. She knew I could not stop her, now I can.

Bob got the donkeys fit with pack saddles to lead them in the Reardan Mule Days parade tomorrow. The mustang club is participating.


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