Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sage, She is still here

Here she is


No I didn't ride her today but I worked her an hour in the round pen, then saddled her up and put her bridle on and long lines and I ground drove her all over the place. She does perfect in the round pen but I wanted something a little more challenging for her. She did really good. I thing the lines were too heavy but she finally got the idea of what I wanted her to do from behind her. Had to use the driving whip to tap her a few times but she was OK. Then Bob trimmed her front feet. She tolerated that perfectly. She just stood there and let him do it. That is the first time. He does it but its a battle to keep her foot, not today. I still am a little discouraged but will just keep it up until I know she is respectful of me. AND, I caught her with out a run down and that is the first time since Andrea was here. Even in a smaller pen she has been naughty but not today. Progress.

It was quite a nice day. Other than Katie's horses breaking down a gate and coming to visit all was quiet on Calico Acres Farm.


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  1. I'm glad she's being better for you. She'll get there. She's such a nice horse. Bella has been playing games with me too, not wanting to be caught, even when she knows I'm taking her out to grass. It's frustrating and kind of sad, being rejected. But at the same time I know it's just naughty willfulness and I know I just need to get firm with her. Luckily she wants to be with the boys so when I take them out she doesn't take long to catch.