Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last of the Trip Pictures

Sunsetting from the plane on the way home. I supposed I should have loaded it last but didn't think. We were some place over Oklahoma I think.

Our dear brother in law and us. He makes us look really little doesn't he.

My precious sister and her saint.

I loved this house. It is in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.

Nikki calls this "her house".

Niece Katherine with the rug I made her. Did not get pictures of Suzy or Tina with theirs. Kat is such a help to Sharon.

"My" squirrels. The red squirrel and his cousin the grey squirrel.

"What cha' doing in there?"

Some kind of Lily. I thought it was unique.

Some place between Denver and Kansas City. I love the patchwork this country is made of.

Today out Mustang Club rode, walked in the Reardan Mule Days Parade. I will have pictures tomorrow. It was fun and the sun came out and there was blue sky for the parade. It had been pouring on our way to Reardan.

Katie brought me a bouquet of lilacs this afternoon. She is such a sweet girl and we are so blessed to have her next door.


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