Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away (snow too)

It has been raining and cold and windy for 5 days now. I am plumb tired of it. It did hold off this morning for a few hours this morning and I did get a fairly good workout with Sage. The round pen was a little squishy in spots but she just avoided them and we got her going pretty good. The one thing I really am having a problem with is her leading. The new halter with the knots works OK but she really does not want to come with me. I turn her around and back her where we are going but I want her to walk with me. I don't know why she has changed her mind about walking with me. Just have to keep at it I guess.

We are not only having rain, Sherman Pass has about been snowed closed and there is snow on Mt. Spokane again. It is fresh on all the peaks around here. Mica Peak looks like winter. It is miserable. This is June for goodness sake.

Last night we went to a benefit dinner for a fellow in Bob's Mounted Search and Rescue. I can't say the meal was too good but it was for a good cause. I put a couple of bids in the silent auction but haven't heard anything so am assuming I didn't get either. That's OK. He has terminal cancer. It was a nice thing to do for the fellow.



  1. I'm not enjoying the weather either. It's June now, it should be warm!

    Your trouble with Sage leading had me thinking... I went to a mule and donkey training clinic recently and I wasn't real impressed with the guy, but he used what he called a "come along hitch" on the critters that kept getting away from their handlers or just not listening well. It worked really well. I don't know why you couldn't use it on a horse. It's similar to something I've seen Bob do. Or maybe it's exactly the same? I'm not sure.

    Here's a video but it takes so long to load I didn't get to watch it:

    Here's a blog entry with a good picture of it:

    Or I think I could remember how to do it if you wanted me to show you.

    Are you and Bob planning on going to the sale out at Davenport on Saturday? John has to be at Fairchild to work Saturday afternoon anyway so I was thinking about going up with him and checking out the sale.

  2. Wow, I can't believe the snow is coming down again! I was really surprised when you mentioned it on Facebook. Sheesh! This year has been a mess of crazy weather. We've talked to several people we've met on this trip to NC, and they were from different states, and saying how it has been so UNtypical as well. Hope it gets better with Sage. Animals can be either predictable as all get out, or just nutso...hope you find the 'Just right' combination for her, so she gets back to what she already has learned. Hugs!

  3. Andrea. I didn't know there was a sale in Davenport on Saturday. Stop and get me if you like and I will go with you. Yes, I would like you to show me. Shannon does it but she is working 7 days a week and has not had time. It is getting VERY frustrating. Thanks so much. Someonetold me to back her where I want to go and she does that fine but I want her to lead.

  4. We're scheduled for rain all weekend here Lea so I'm gathering up my stitching! It will be sort of nice to stay in all weekend I think. blessings, marlene