Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I don't like thunder and lightening, never have. Last night and today we had way more than our share. It rained really hard too. Last night it raised me right up out of bed. Did not like it one little bit. Then this afternoon we had more and louder yet. One lightening bolt after another. Our electricity was out for a while. Then the house is so quiet with the thunder booming outside. After it left today the sun came out and it was nice. More is expected tonight. Oh h h h.

Bob and our neighbor are moving cattle today. Not the best choice of days but they are still working on it. This pasture will work until fall.

I am feeling OK today. That pill seems to be working. I know there is a lot of stress happening around us and that doesn't seem to help at all. At least I know its not my heart this time.

Raspberry is doing just fine. When I was out feeding this evening, I let her out and she followed me around right at my heels. If she stopped to eat and I got out of sight, she came running - maaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaa. She is pretty thin and we are giving her some grain to put some weight on her. The little girls are doing well too down at Shannon's. I meant to go down today and take some pictures of them but with the nasty storms, I didn't. Maybe tomorrow. Bob is milking for Shannon while she is working 12 hrs shifts so he will see them in the AM anyway.

I hope the rain stays gone tomorrow so I can work with Sage. Not a chance today. I am more than a little anxious to get back on her.



  1. Send it our way, please. Sooo rain. Bad for crops. Bad all the way around.

  2. Saw that on the news last night and thought of you...I LOVE thunder and lightening!!! Always have, as long as all the animals are safely tucked inside. We don't get it very often, but when we do I think we're special. :) My grandma used to say that God had spilled his taters again. That always made me smile thinking about God's taters rolling all around up there. The very best thunder and lightening storm I've ever witnessed was at a campout outside Dayton, WA at a place called Goose Corrals. We were way on top of a mountain camped right beside this huge canyon and it was spectacular!! Must have been 150ish campers all with horses or mules on that mountaintop and we were under a big circus tent singing praise songs and it was the 4th of July...BEST 4th of July ever. Nobody outdoes God's fireworks!! Take care Lea, I'll say a little prayer for your peace of mind. :)