Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Looking Back

We have to go to a BCH meeting in Couer D'Alene this evening and I haven't gotten any pictures so decided to look back some more.
These are wild Lupins on the shore of Puget Sound. One of the times we were over there and had a walk on the beach. I think it was at Ft. Casey State Park.
Part of our group.

Down in the Craig Mts. south of Lewiston. Probably in my top 3 places to ride. We were camped at Larabee Corrals. I was still riding Dixie.

Our youngest daughter Christyn

Taken last summer. I don't remember the occasion. It must have been after church. That is about the only time I wear a dress.

At the Colville adoption last May.
Tomorrow I am going to go over to Nikki's for the week. I can help her out a bit and see some friends and my cousin in Shelton. And rest and play with grandkids. I will probably be able to keep up the blog but not much about horses.
Blessings -


  1. Have fun with the grands. Mine descended Sunday. I am soooo tired when they go home! This is why God decreed parents should procreate while they are young!!!

  2. Great pictures,Lea! Those wild lupines are gorgeous!