Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunshine in my heart

Sunday Stills on Monday
So I am a day late but had to find this picture. That is Mount Hood in the back ground. We were taking a potty break at Government Camp, Oregon. Nikki and I were on our way to Burns in February. The topic was flags and I thought immediately of this picture.
No other pictures. This was my best day since the entire hospital event. Felt great and did my best today to get my house in order. Not done but certainly a good start. Can't go work with Sage yet because I can't lift and if she gave a big tug on the rope it would be like lifting something and that is against the rules until Friday.
The sun was shining and Jesus in my heart so all is right with my world.
Blessings and back to my 1000 list of things that bless me.
349. Bob's American Indian heritage
351. Recycling
351 Luminaries
352 The first snow (none other)
353. The Oregon Coast
354 The little church I visited in Maine where we could hear the waves on the rocks all through the service.
355. Autumn leaves
356. Sleeping babies
357. Cuddly baby blankets
358. Blowing bubbles
359. Bubble baths
360. Wonderful care at Deaconess Hospital
361. Negative tests
362. Being discharged from the hospital
363 Steve's camera that he puts into the woods to photograph wildlife
364 Women of Faith
365 Beth Moore
366 Flowers from friends
367 Chonda Pierce
368 Bright colored backpacks
369 Valet Parking
370 Bird nests
371 Mexican Food
Night all-----------------------


  1. Glad you are feeling better. That is a blessing in itself. Now, do not try to do more than you should; it just takes time. Go out and pet her and love being with her and let the working go for awhile.

  2. Lea, you sound GREAT today! I do believe you are feeling much better - a big relief for us all.

    But, it sounds like you are doing a lot already... Make sure to follow doctor's orders and rest... Plenty of time for house chores (they don't go away - very patient - will wait for you forever)...