Sunday, September 26, 2010


I was gone a week and never got to my blog. Sorry. This is quite a group of pictures but its the highlights of my relaxing week.
This is Lane celebrating turning 12. Such an interesting age - makes me so glad mine are grown. Not that he is bad, he is just 12. Love him. He is a sweet boy even if homework is a pain in his plans for after school. Hope he had a great birthday.
I went up to Bellingham to spend a day with my good friend Tracey. Her blog is Mustang Diaries. This is Lefty. Her husbands horse. He is so sweet. Good luck Mike, am so glad you brought this boy home. Nikki and saw him in February and took a bunch of pictures of him.

And Miss Paisley. She is so sweet. She is a tri colored Pinto. Her mama is a Mustang U horse I believe.

Nikki and Carmen's old dog Walker. He is a Goldie/chocolate Lab cross and weighs 110#. He is so sweet. He had just come home from the groomer.

Nikki and Isaac on the ferry to Bremerton from Seattle and then on to Shelton. Love the ferry rides. Wish it were not so expensive.

Me. What a fun day

The seals on the buoy. I had hoped to see one but we saw several. It was so fun.

My sister calls this her mountain - Mt. Rainer but I call it my mountain. That is the one thing I really miss from the west side of the state. I grew up seeing it every day.

My cousin Joy and me. It was so good to see her. She is a real blessing to me. I wish I could see her more often.

An aircraft carrier on the shipyard in Bremerton. They are so awesome.

God bless America

Seattle after dark. That is Qwest Stadium where the Mariners play.
I am plumb tuckered out. I was so glad to get home. I loved being with Nikki all week and I loved walking Isaac home from school each day and spending time with the other boys but its good to be home and my bed is calling my name.


  1. You are a blessing to me as well! Thank you so much for coming to see me. I loved every minute of it!
    My heart is overflowing with love after spending all weekend with family.
    Love you so much!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! We spent the weekend doing grandchildren. The twins had their fourth birthday party. Then we crossed the state to see girl baby just born Tuesday. Sunday we drove to Indy to see boy baby born Wednesday. Whew. I have spent all day today doing catch up! We spent a week and a half in Seattle six years ago. Would soooo love to go back!

  3. What beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful week.

    Am glad you made it home safe-n-sound - we missed you here in Blogland...

    Welcome back!


  4. You had so much fun! But the Seahawks play at Qwest Stadium and the Marniers play at Safeco :)

  5. Anita, so I got it a..backwards. It was beautiful after dark no matter who plays in that stadium. Sorry