Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Day At The Fair

This is a large group of photos but we spent the better part of the day strolling around the Spokane Interstate Fair. It was a nice day and we had fun. I know I ate some things I shouldn't have but will be good the rest of the week.
This is an Indian maidens dress. I would love to have it. Don't know exactly why but it is really beautiful.

These big balls looked so much fun. The kids got to play about 10 minutes for 8.00. They unzip them and take the kids out and then re inflate them.

Me, big Indian Chief.

A very pretty buckskin Quarter Horse. This was change day so not an abundant amount of horses. The 4 H kids came in this evening.

I wish there was something to show how little these guys were.

Ms. Sheep taking a nap. They show tomorrow.

She was determined to get a bite of my camera.

Look at those ears. I would have called her Dumbo.

This is Milton. He just ambles slowly all over one of the buildings.

One of the carnival rides. I did not like them when I was a kid.

Don't remember what group sponsored this but loved the sign.

This cracked us up. We did not see them race so I don't know what makes an Alaskan pig.

I tried to talk Bob into that but no go.

I am so glad that washing machines have progressed.

The railroad depot. This entire area is part of the railroad historical area.
That was our day. No much horsey but a fun day anyway. Today is the last day of my restrictive lifestyle so tomorrow, Sage, here I come.


  1. What a beautiful day!

    I cannot believe it is already time for you to start working with the horses. I know you are anxious but please make sure you have fully recovered. Remember, recovery is only a temporary thing... Plenty of time for regular activities.

    Must admit, I'm just like you - I can't stand carnival rides (they creep me out!)... The animals looked soooooooo cute! I wish I had one of those washing machines - I'd use it (well, at least once).


  2. You had such a great day!! I haven't been to a good fair in so long. I love to just walk around and look at everything.

    So glad you are better!