Monday, September 27, 2010

A Halter On Finally

Emma has a halter on. And oh my goodness what an afternoon. It took us 3 hours. Her mouth was bleeding and not a place on her body that was not sweating. We had to just choke her down. We were all three exhausted. Bob fixed her some grain with some electrolytes in it. She is OK this evening. I think she bit her own tongue. I had blood all over the front of me. Don't exactly know how but I did. We had to do it to progress any further with her. Hated doing it but we have been working on her for months. Tomorrow, hook or crook Sage gets my undivided attention for 2/3 hrs.
Our summer came back and Bob took the cooler out of the window. We have some lovely Indian Summers and I don't know why he did it so soon.
We started our study 40 Days of Love - a book and workbook by Rick Warren's BIL. Our church started it a week ago so we are running late but I was gone. Its about relationships.
See you tomorrow - Blessings


  1. yahoo!! a halter!!! she doesnot look very happy lol glad its on tho!

  2. Wow! Too bad you had to force the issue; but maybe if you have a way to control her more things can progress a little faster. I know Sage will be a better girl for you.