Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looking Back

My sister and I in 2003 about 6 weeks after our son Scott died. I went down there for a couple of weeks. Came home and had my first heart episode.
We went to Nikkis for a long weekend in March of 2008 and went for a drive. These swans were heading North I think. They were awesome.

Our 50th Anniversary cake. The top was the one on our original cake in 1957. In a little less than a month we will celebrate 53 years.

Remember our grandson riding the big mule in August. Isaac. Well this was two years ago. Now he is riding alone. No fear is his motto.

At the Draft Horse/Mule Show up in Sandpoint, Idaho a couple of years ago. Love going there. It is always the first of October.
No recent pictures today. I had shopping to do and because of a nasty Washington State Patrol officer I had to go take a driving test. I passed well. I won't go into my rant about why, just that I did it and had not had a ticket for 30 years. White haired ladies in red cars watch out.
1000 blessings continued

372 A bathroom in the barn
373 Fly swatters
374 Grandchildren birthday
375 Porches
376 Lawn swings
377 Salt substitute
378 A baby's big toothless grin
379 Tiny Horse earrings
380 Appreciation
381 Living up to responsibilities
382 Sensitivity
383 Awareness
384 Determination
385 Abilities
386 Training to carry out our abilities
387 Punctuality
388 Openness
389 Flexibility
390 Good taste
391 A desire to improve
392 Willingness
393 A sense of humor
395 Stamina
396 Dependability
397 Self Confidence
398 Sincerity
399 Emotional maturity
400 Tact

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  1. I like the look back, no wonder you had a heart incident back then. You're a strong lady to do all you do and survive that!!

    Did you save the cake topping all those years? That's very romantic, Lea. Congratulations on your up coming anniversary.