Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Returning

No pictures and not much news. Our celebrating about Emma's halter was for naught. She got it off this afternoon. Bob won't choke her down again, me either but now we have to figure something else out. She is a little stiff and sore today but so am I so I don't feel terribly sorry for her.
Some college age kids from church came out today to play with the horses. Fun to have them around. They rode Pepper. And they two of the four kittens we had (again). Just 2 little cute female Tabby's left. The barn has really thinned down. Don't know where they all went. All I saw today was Fancy and her babies.
I hope tomorrow is more interesting.


  1. Too bad the halter came off.

    It took me over a year to think of a way to put a halter on Echo. I got him trapped with the wing gate and petted him and gave him apples in an effort to get him to relax. He hated it but it slowly worked. He only panicked the first time and then he learned to stand still. I put the halter on him in there and got him used to feeling the tug of a lead line and me walking up to him repeatedly. I took the halter off and then trapped him again the next day and so on. Then one day I kept the break away halter on him. I put him in a pen where there was nothing he could pull the halter off on.

    Echo was so difficult, and still is, because I have to do something a hundred times before he's used to it. He's very flighty but he's come along way and is awesome to be around. These horses all learn different. Good luck.

  2. I have never worked with a Mustang, but I have worked with a horse in extreme pain that didn't want to cooperate. What worked with him was clicker training. It changes the conversation from what are you going to do to me to what can I do to get that treat. Fear vanishes. I know that people do use it successfully with Mustangs.

    There is a lot of information online about it. It is simple, cheap (clickers are only a few dollars) and is the method they use to train zoo animals to give them medical treatment. I even trained my cat to jump through a hoop. Who ever heard of training a cat?

    Just a thought...