Sunday, September 12, 2010

Better Still

These are the flowers from my dear daughter Nikki. Aren't they pretty.
I was starting back on my walking regimen today . I stuck my little camera in my pocket. These were growing in the ditch. I know they are a weed of some sort or the other but down in that dirty ditch, they were just blooming there. I guess the saying "bloom where you are planted" is appropriate.

Pistol played a long time with the can. I guess she likes Diet Coke like I do. It was really funny and noisy.

Lat night this is what I saw out my front door. Love our sunsets.
I went down to see Sage today. She didn't seem to be overjoyed to see me but let me rub her shoulder, her ears and her face. And, Arlene, she let me kiss her on her nose. She did not kiss me back like Echo did you but she did snort right into my face when I was kissing her. I wanted to laugh but didn't want to scare her.
My friend Andi is hanging in there. Tom did commit suicide. She will have many decisions to make now. Please keep her in your prayers.
Many blessings


  1. Feel so bad for your friend Andi. We had a very unexpected suicide in our family a few years back and it took us all much time to recover from it. So many questions in our minds that won't be answered. Life is hard no doubt about it but at the same time there is so much I don't want to miss. I think of her many times and think of what she is missing out on. Many prayers for Andi. Also, it is so important to know there is nothing that could have been done. When they decide one way or another it will happen. Wishing Andi and family strength for the hard times and know that all will be ok after time.

  2. Those flowers growing in your ditch look like daisies--funny--they're pretty. Glad you're feeling better and taking your camera out again!

  3. I'm so glad you've felt like walking again. That sunset picture is incredible...makes me want to be there! I'm so sorry about your friend. People who are depressed enough to commit suicide simply have no concept of the devastation they leave behind. blessings, marlene

  4. Love the Carnations! So pretty!

  5. I'm glad you gave Sage a kiss. Echo sometimes snorts in my face if he thinks I'm going to try something new with him. Sage seems a lot calmer than him.