Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Cold Got Me

He was strutting for the girls. There were a dozen or more and he was really showing off. Isn't she pretty. No matter show many we see, the just touch me.
Our newest baby - Brady. His mother is Martha. He is a lively one, at the point of the picture he was about 3 hrs. old.
He was showing off for us.
This a heifer, she will have a baby next year. We named her Andi because that is who we got her from last October.
This is Patrick and his mom. She was observing us watching Brady. Both the baby boys got their BO C shot today and bands put on them. Now they can just eat and grow.

I miss the boys a lot. But am enjoying the quiet also. Guess we can't have both. Unfortunately Lane left me with a relative to his cold. Didn't even get dressed yesterday but it was better today.

I know everyone is suffering with the gas prices. When they said on the news there was plenty of gas and the high prices are due to speculators. That really ticked me off bad. I knew that but today it just really ticked me. My Camry gets wonderful gas mileage - almost always over 30 mph- but it cost us over $50.00 to fill it 3/4 of a tank this evening. We have been planning a trip to Oregon with the truck this summer to ride in the Steens Mountains with friends but with diesel approaching 5.00 a gallon, no way will we be able to go. Won't be able to go to Montana to ride either. We don't go much of anyplace at all. When you live on SS it does not leave much extra. I know I am spouting off but I just am so angry. Knowing the current administration could do something if he wanted makes me more angry. I know we are not alone, but its our budget that I know about.

And to top that off, we got a letter from our doctor who has been our doctor for 40 years, yes 40 years is retiring in a month. To find a doctor I like and trust again is going to be tough. He knows everything about me, saw me through our baby girl dieing and my heart problem and stroke and on and on. He knows our kids, our animals ect. I don't begrudge him retiring, he has earned it but I hate the process.

Enough venting. Blessings

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  1. Good morning Lea, I'm so sorry you've gotten a cold. Thank goodness I've been getting fewer since I got older...I think maybe I'm more careful these days about staying away from sick folks! I'm joining with you protesting the gas prices. My brother is having another stent put in today and I didn't go because of the gas...he's about 50 miles away and he's done this several times before and I know he's OK but this is ridiculous when we could do so much better in this country. My ob/gyn doc told me this year (I turn 65 in October) that she doesn't see Medicare patients. I've been going to her for several years and love her so I don't blame her but it made me sad. blessings, marlene