Friday, April 29, 2011

Sage is MINE

Our "lakes" were almost gone and they are back. The small one should be gone this weekend if we don't get more rain.

Sage having a snack before going to work. I sat in the sun and read while she crunched away. Then I brushed and brushed her. Think I got most of the mud balls off.

Pepper's eyes. See the white in the middle of his eyes. That is glaucoma. He can only see in the daylight. We really can't do anything about it.

Chemmy's ear. I love the donkeys ears.

My one daffodil. It had just broken into full bloom and got beat to this state by wind and hard rain.

This was in the mail today. Sage belongs to me now and not the BLM. I was pretty excited to get it.

After Sage had eaten a while, we took her to the hitch rail. She was a little jumpy about her other front foot but we got it trimmed. I had to hold it while Bob trimmed and rasped it. Sage finally just stood like a lady after the first. Then I got a saddle pad out. She acted a little snorty at first but by the time I was done she was letting me flap it all over and put it on her from either side. I could wave it all over and she just stood there. I was/am so proud of her.

I stayed up most of the night last night watching "THE" wedding. I went to bed about 5 I think. Slept until 11. I had a real chuckle at the hats. Some were beautiful and some were hysterical. I love hats but some of them were beyond me.

This evening I was going to go out and check the cows. They are all due soon. One of the cows has a history of twins so we are watching her very closely. I was trying to avoid the mud and stepped on a board and went flying flat on my back. I called Bob on my phone and he came and helped me up then we went on to check on the cows. Candy will probably have her baby by tomorrow this time. Falling is one of my fears. I will probably be sore in the morning but really was not hurt.


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