Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stella and Rocky

Today we decided to go to the horse auction in Davenport. I don't know why, we just go for entertainment and end up feeling bad. Horses were better priced today and some went for well over a thousand dollars but some went for 10 and 25 too. Most of them were on the thin side and obviously needed forming and better food. There was a pen of ponies. I mean Shetland size or a little smaller. There was a very pregnant mare I wanted but I thought 50.00 was my top bid. She went for 200.00. A pair of black and white pinto ponies went for 200.00 a piece. Those were my favorites. Then came Rocky - the little bay and white gelding. Bob told me to go to 75.00 and I got him for 60.00. Then came the black filly. She is out of a full size mare and a Shetland stud so she should be about Rosie size - 13 hands. I thought Rocky was the mare and Stella was the gelding but its the other way around. She is only about 15 months old. They have been running in a big pasture so they are not too friendly yet but we will work on that. I paid 10.00 for her. Did I need another project - of course not but I have always made money on ponies and donkeys. No donkeys there so I will try to get these ready to do as soon as I can. I want to work on Stella first, get her fattened up some and get her coat shiny and then I will advertise her. Every month when we go we look for ponies and this is the first time in a long time that there have been any. Rocky is as cute as a bug and is halter trained. Am not sure how to break him to ride but first, make him friendly.

They sold three mini horses that were about 8 months old and were the scroungiest looking things, wormy, scrawney and they sold for 200.00 a piece. I thought they would go for 10 bucks but whew was I wrong. I did not want the stud nor one of the fillys, her feet and legs were awful but the other would have been nice. Someone saw something I certainly didn't.

So, that was my day. I am watching Dr. Zhivago on PBS. I loved that movie. Don't know if I will be able to stay awake until the end but I want to see Lara and Zhivago in the sleigh.


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  1. Lea I just can't imagine all the work that goes into getting these horses ready for resale but what I see on your blog is amazing. It's a good thing that you do - giving them a better life. blessings, marlene