Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy weekend, shopping and snow

This past weekend I worked at a horse show out in the Spokane Valley called the Fat and Fuzzy Show. This little guy was both. It was a good show but very cold and windy.
My friend Mary on her draft mare Gigi. She (the horse, not Mary) was a rescue from the premerin horses in Canada.

Another friend Sandy driving her pony. He won everything.

I don't know who this little girl was but she looked cute sitting on her dad's feet.

Gigi again with Sandy aboard in the beginning English Pleasure class. She did very well.

I almost called Taylor a little girl but at 16 she might no like it. I started giving her riding lessons when she was 5. She got so scared, I told her mother to wait. Her mother passed away about a year or two ago from breast cancer. Taylor is a sweet young woman.

This is Shanna and she won the 10 and under high point. Isn't she cute.

Yesterday I shopped ALL day for a new dress for Easter and one I can put away and have for Katie's wedding. I think I went to every store in town that I could afford to shop in. They all looked alike and one I could have lived with was too short for a 72 year old great grandmother. I was totally frustrated. Then I thought of a dress I had that I have not worn for a while. It won't work for Katie's wedding because it is solid white but it will for Easter. It is going to be a little big but it will work.

Yesterday it snowed almost all day. Did not stick much but it came down. At the place they keep measurements, it was an inch and a record. Enough of the records, I want WARM. Today wasn't much better.

I worked with Sage for a while today. Her feet are awful and we must get them done. I could have gotten one front foot worked today, she was very good and then Bob started the tractor close by and enough of the feet business. I did get her to go both ways of the pen without bucking and kicking up and having a jolly good time. She just stands around until I go and try to work her and then the action starts for a few minutes. Then she settles down and does what I ask of her.

Yesterday Bob drove our next door neighbor to Seattle to the Veterans Hospital. He had cancer surgery today. They had to remove part of his tongue and inside of his mouth. He has two dippy brothers that would rob him blind and no other living relatives. Please pray for him. He is a nice man who unfortunately drinks too much.


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