Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I wish I had made time to go riding today, it was perfect. But other things got in the way. With 2 families coming for dinner tomorrow and 38 eggs to peel for salad and deviled eggs and potatoes to cook for potato salad and with Bob gone to Ellensburg to meet Kathy with her half a beef she ordered, life got busy. We try to get eggs every 2 hrs. Then if the magpies come, hopefully we will get them first. I think I got 23 today.

I put Pepper out on his rope to eat. You could tie him up with a hay string and he would stay there. I let Sage out to eat while I was doing the rest of the chores. She drags her rope but doesn't go anywhere. She is way more interested in the grass and the fact she knows that I have put her grain out. She just eats and eats and when I pick the rope up she comes with me like a lady horse should.

I am going to hide ten plastic eggs with money in them. The kids are too old for real egg hunts but they will like getting money.

Back to peeling the eggs. I thought Bob would be here to help but he drives like a put put driver and he isn't here yet. It takes me 2 1/2 hrs. to get to Ellensburg but he figures on 3 1/2. He probably gets better gas mileage but I still get over 30 on that drive.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday. Remember why we celebrate. Its not the eggs or the chocolate rabbits, howbeit they are run but the reason we have Easter is Jesus rose from the grave on that day to give us everlasting life.


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